About Kelly


My staff is made up of my family and friends. We have been together for over 23 years and they work very hard at making me look really good! We are just one big happy family and it shows ­ after all this time, we still love what we do.


I got my passion for cooking from my paternal grandmother… my Grandma! I spent a lot of time with her when I was growing up and it seemed like she was ALWAYS in the kitchen cooking. No matter what I wanted to eat, no matter what time, Grandma would always fix it for me with a loving smile on her face. She passed away when I was twelve but left me with the most amazing gift ­not only the love of cooking but most especially how to cook with love! It took me awhile to realize that she had left me with this gift because I had never even boiled water until I got married! But all these years later, I am still passing on her gift to me.

It is always an honor and a privilege for my staff and I to be a part of your special day but most especially getting to share in your happiness is the best part of all!

 —Kelly Hamsley, Owner

"Love me some Kelly Hamsley!!"
 –Amy Floyd Hutto

"We just ♥ her... & her cookin'!"
 –Two Chics Photography

"You and your staff were wonderful. Thank you again."
 –Lori Kelchner Tatum

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